Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Here it is... one of my new favorite cakes!

I have been wanting to make a mad scientist cake for a while now.  I have a degree in Molecular Biology and a real love for all things scientific.  So, imagine my excitement when one of my favorite former students asked about a cake for his science-themed birthday party!

The party guests made slime and did experiments and launched rockets... and, of course, they ate cake and cupcakes too!

It's just like I was back in a laboratory in college... petri dishes, test tubes and flasks.  If only I could say that I had a professor that looked like this mad scientist.  Ha ha!


  1. Your cakes are beyond GORGEOUS! Can you let me in on your secret: do you use fondant, gumpaste, or molding chocolate for your figures? They are so smooth and PERFECT!

    -Kristy (

  2. Thanks for those kind words, Kristy! I mix gum paste and fondant to make my figures and work it until it is really pliable. I think the combination makes it easy to smooth and sturdy when it's dry. Sometimes I have to make part of a figure several times before I am happy with it, so it takes me a long time, but I have had good luck with the pieces staying smooth when they are dry. Happy caking!

  3. Awesome, thank you so much! You are an inspiration. I can't wait to see your next one. :)

  4. do you have any tips for making the figure??? as my son has asked for a science themed cake and i love the figure and im rubbish at making figures

  5. The best advice I can offer is to give yourself plenty of time so that you don't have to rush. Sometimes I work on a figure for several days. I start with the legs and shoes and let them harden for several hours or even overnight. Then I add the torso and arms, and add the details like the beaker (which I made the day before). Finally when the body is hardened, I do the head. I use bits of foam to support the pieces as they harden to help them keep from sagging. Good luck!

  6. Would you consider making selling and shipping a scientist cake topper? Yours is awesome!

  7. I am so flattered, but I am no longer making cakes. And I'm not sure how I would package such a thing to ship it safely. I think he might look a little bit like his experiment really exploded by the time he arrived!


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