Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Let's go, Canes!

When it comes to goaltending, Cam Ward usually says "No"...  but when it comes to cake, he says "Yes!" Here he is, in a sweet butterfly position, making a save with ease.  His next play?  Slicing into the fudge marble cake and grabbing a fork!

This was one of the most stress-inducing cakes I've made... not because making a sugar goalie is a new thing, but because I was making this sugar goalie for an actual NHL goalie!  Whoooeee - for a perfectionist, that's the recipe for a perfect storm!  I had to make his goalie mask three times before I was pleased with it. The birthday boy was Cam Ward's son and he told me that he wanted a cake "with his dad on it."  The good news is that both Cam and his son liked the final result!

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