Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ahhh... It's Spa Day!

What girl doesn't want a little pampering on her birthday?  Especially when you get to share the experience with a few girlfriends and finish up with a big slice of chocolate cake with oreo filling... not exactly a detox diet, but, oh, so much better tasting!


  1. Fabulous!!!!! wow, this cake is way too good to eat!!!!
    What filling is in your cakes?

    Franzi from Germany

  2. Thanks, Franzi! This cake had a filling made from vanilla buttercream and chopped up Oreo cookies. Don't know if you have Oreos in Germany... they are dark chocolate wafer cookies with a slightly sweet cream filling. When you mix it with soft buttercream icing, the crunchy cookie bits are really great.

    1. thanks. :) yes we have oreos in germany, but i knew them from my america year very well. :) i love them. great filling!!!

  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! Every little detail is so perfect! How did you get that amazing texture on the robe and towels? Can I also ask what product you use to sculpt your figures and other details? Thanks for sharing Marj!

  4. Thanks, Karen! I used a small star tip to make the terry texture! Just pricked it all over to get the nubby towel look. I use Satin Ice fondant and gum paste. I like the fondant for smoothness and gum paste for holding its shape so I usually mix them together for sculpting!


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