Tuesday, December 4, 2012

All-Star Celebration

Here's a cake that really lit up the scoreboard and, I'm telling ya, folks, the fans really got their money's worth here today.  In the first quarter, it was all about the pig skin.   Right after the ref threw a flag on the play, the momentum changed and the teams suited up for the ol' baseball diamond. Just a few innings later, they were back in the dugout making plans for a game of soccer.  Gooooooal!  

At the half, it was all tied up.  The teams took a well-deserved break and came back ready to give 110%.  It was an epic clash of the titans as they battled it out on the air hockey and ping pong tables.  In the final seconds it was an amazing no-look pass that led to the final dunk at the buzzer.  

As the horn sounded, both teams grabbed their forks and headed to the table.  The game was a lot closer than the final score indicated, and, in the end, both teams came out victorious because this cake was big enough for everyone.

I'm telling ya, this was definitely the best sports party ever, folks.  No question about it.

(Can't you just hear Howard Cosell reading this post?  hee hee!)


  1. Hi Marj, yes I can hear Howard Cosell reading it!!!! :D
    Amazing and perfect cake! The score board and the baseball bat are my favorite.

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Thanks, Rosie! You always make me feel so good :)


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