Friday, September 14, 2012

Sorry for being gone so long!

If you are one of my regular followers, I have to apologize... I cannot believe that it's been almost two months since my last post!  Sometimes life just gets busy and this summer was certainly no exception.  In fact, I am not really making many cakes these days.  But I still have lots of pictures to post.  So, until I run out of pictures, I'll keep posting.  It may still be sporadic, but I'll try to keep 'em coming!

I am really flattered when folks email me with questions.  It always seems crazy - people asking me for advice like I am some kind of expert - ha!  I feel like I have so much still to learn, but I am happy to pass on any tidbits and insights that I have picked up as I cake my way through each week. 

Happy caking!

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  1. Hi Marj, the other day I was thinking that I haven't seen your posts so I wondered if my email was sending them to the spam folder so, I 'jumped over' to your blog and saw there were no new posts. But, no worries I totally understand how busy life could be aggghhh!! :(
    Anyway, your latest creation is, one more time, a work of art! -- God has blessed you with a talent, thank you for sharing it with us!! :)



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