Thursday, September 27, 2012

Little Purses

Who doesn't love a good designer handbag?  At a recent bridesmaids' luncheon there were enough purses for each guest to find the perfect one to go with her outfit.   

The bride, of course, got the most special one with the couple's new "His and Hers" monogram on the front.  It was just enough cake for two... I wonder if she shared?!


  1. oh my gosh. beautiful little bags! such great detail - with your signature clean style! ^__^

  2. Lyndsay, you are so sweet... Thanks for those kind words!!

  3. Hi! They are sooo cute can you please guide me how to make such bags? And can we get this decoration materials online?

    1. Priti, thanks for the compliment! These are really fun to make cause each one is different and you can use lots of different techniques. Basically I start with a piece of fondant in the shape that I want the bag to be, then I wrap it with fondant rolled thin and add details. You can find a lot of the equipment and materials online, but also at your local craft store! Look in the cake aisle as well as the section that has tools for clay work. Have fun!


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