Saturday, September 15, 2012

Beach Bridal Shower

This cake covered in sugar sand and white chocolate shells helped a group of girlfriends celebrate with a bride-to-be over the summer.  Edible pearls and wedding rings finished off the look.


  1. Hi, Marg, The shells you do on all of your cakes and cupcakes are exquisite, I'm curious do you just use chocolate or do you use an accent powder like petal dust or color dust? If so which do you use in order for them to all be edible? So gorgeous, just trying to make something comparable. =) Thank you for your help, very talented. Jennifer

  2. These shells were just chocolate. I swirled a little gray into the white. I sometimes dust them with edible pearl dust (I use the Wilton brand), but most of the time I leave them plain. And I have really great silicone molds that I ordered on line. They make the shells look very realistic! Good luck and happy caking!

  3. Hi Marj,

    I am looking at different beach style cakes, as I have to make one for my friend at her request. I am hoping to make something half as good as your wonderful cake here! May I ask, what did you use for the flowers and wedding rings? ANy help/advice you could provide would be great. Thanks!

  4. Hi, Laura! I used satin ice gum paste to make both the rings and the flowers. The rings I shaped by hand and painted with edible gold luster dust mixed with a little vodka to make an edible paint. I used a gum paste cutter for the flowers and shaped them by pressing a ball tool into he centers and letting them harden on a piece of foam. The centers are royal icing. Good luck with your cake!


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