Saturday, June 16, 2012

The last day of school

I started a new tradition last semester by making cupcakes for my son's teachers to thank them for all that they do for their students.  We are so excited to deliver them on the last day of school!

This semester my son took English III - American Literature - so his English teacher's treats featured novels and plays that they read.  Her favorite book to teach is The Great Gatsby.  That was my favorite cupcake in the batch too.  It was a challenge to recreate the book cover in miniature, edible form.

I think that Lifetime Sports proved to be both fun and tragic.  The class went bowling, played disc golf, attended hot yoga classes and played a number of other games.  That was the fun part. 

Tragedy struck during one Friday when my son fell on his wrist in the gym and fractured his scaphoid... hence the cupcake with the splinted arm! 

Somehow in the hustle of a crazy weekend, I forgot to take pictures of the cupcakes I made for the Sports and Entertainment Marketing teacher... yikes!   But here's the dozen that I created for my son's Personal Finance teacher.  One of their big projects is called "The Game of Life" where students get to try out everything they've learned and see how it will apply in the future.  What a great idea!

Happy summer, teachers!  Thanks for making this semester great!


  1. I love, love, love them!! Marj you're so creative and original. I love everything you make!
    Have a wonderful day :)

    BTW, I love the new look on your page! very original as well!

  2. Thanks, Rosalinda! You always make me feel so good!

  3. These are amazing!! You are exceptionally talented! I would love to share the first picture on my author Facebook page. When I do, I will definitely provide a link to your blog and include your name. Your work is too good not to share! :)

    Chrys Fey

  4. That's amazing! I'd love to get some ot those cupcakes!:) Great blog!


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