Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Math Teacher Graduates

Our family did a little celebrating last weekend at NC State's graduation with a yummy red velvet cake.  Mr. Wuf is ready to head out into the world with all of his math books and teacher supplies.  This fall there will be some really lucky high school students because they'll have a terrific math teacher!

I have to give my friend Erica at Sweet Flamingo Cake Co. a big shout-out.  She is terrific sugar artist and I used one of her cakes as inspiration for my own Mr. Wuf.  Thanks, Erica!


  1. Wow, beatiful and perfect just like everything you do Marj!! Please tell us more about it. Is it fondant/buttercream? I loveeeee the decorations, the pencils, the books, etc :)

    Thank you Marj for sharing your work with us!

  2. Rosalinda, you are so sweet. Thank you!

    The icing on this cake is buttercream but the decorations are all fondant and/or gum paste. I have never had much success covering cakes with fondant, so I always use buttercream! Thanks for asking!


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