Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Heels in the Sand

Some folks love the feeling of their toes in the sand, but this cake was made with a different idea in mind.  Who needs a flip flop when you can have a rocking stiletto - especially one that's edible!  This cake accompanied a really great group of girls to the beach to help celebrate two birthdays.  Each of the birthday girls got their own shoe and everybody got a slice of fudge marble cake and a couple of white chocolate shells.

I have to give The Cake Engineer credit for the shoe design.  Her tutorial giving step-by-step directions for this fun shoe is the bomb!


  1. Ahhhh Marj, this is gorgeoussss!! and how appropiate for two girls b-day. You did an awesome job like always!!
    Do you mind sharing where the tutorial for the shoe is? Thank you! :)

  2. Thanks, Rosalinda! Click on the words "The Cake Engineer" up in my post and it should take you right to the blog. Happy caking!

  3. Thank you Marj!and have a wonderful day! :)


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