Saturday, April 14, 2012

Happy Birthday, Kitty!

Happy Birthday, Keygan!  I wish I had taken a picture of the birthday girl when she came to get her cake.  Her smile was worth all the time it took to make this cake!


  1. Hi Marj,
    Firstly many thanks for your yelp on the hocus locus cake.. It came out well. Have been trying to upload a picture to show you... But it doesn't seem to allow it!!
    Love all your creations:)
    Could you please tell me how did you model this Hello kitty? Is it gum paste of fondant?
    Do you start with the face? Then pink arms and then the red dress? Please advs? Do you put a stick through it?
    Are all the flowers fondant?
    Many thanks

  2. Are both the tiers in buttercream?
    Are the green stalks fondant? How many days in advance did you make them?
    Was there a particular way in which you put the strips on the bottom tier?
    Thanks a ton Marj.

  3. Hi, ruchi! I always start my figure models from the bottom and work up to the head and I do use a skewer to support the figure. This kitty was all fondant and gumpaste - I mix them together about half and half. The flowers and letters were all fondant too and the stems had wires iside to support them. I make everything a day or two ahead so it is hardened up nicely when I put it on the cake. You can always email me a picture of your cake at mpjenkins5 at (I have to write it out that way so I don't get robo-spammed!)

    Happy caking!

  4. Oh, and yes, both tiers were buttercream. I find that fondant strips like that stick really well to room temperature buttercream. I just smooth them on with a light hand!


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