Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sweet Skateboard

Okay, as a skating newbie, I decided I had to do a little research in order to make this cake.  In fact, the only time I was ever on a skateboard (many, many years ago!) I fell off, sprained my wrist, and had to postpone my cello recital.  Oh yes, I was cool!

What I discovered is that skaters have a language all their own.  There are even dictionaries filled with skate slang.  So, without further ado, let me describe for you how I "busted a trick" while making this cake.  I used sugar paste to make the board and went "old school" with the buttercream icing.  In order to prevent the skateboard from catching some "air"  I anchored it with a few skewers, but I did make sure I added the logos of the birthday boy's favorite skate brands - DC and Tony Hawk.  I hope that Connor is really "stoked" when he sees his cake. 


  1. Wow!!!! I always love to look at your work - you are gifted at what you do. My son (turning 8 next month) just told me the other day that he'd love to have a skateboard cake for his birthday...even the D/C (Converse??) logo. How I wish you were closeby to order one (I'm in Russia, so basically, I might as well be on the moon!). I can't even begin to imagine making one...there is no fondant in Russia (that I know of), so it's pretty much impossible. But I'll show him the photo of yours...I know he'll love just looking at it!!!!

  2. Debbie,
    Thanks for those nice words! I wish I were closer to you so I could make one of these for your son. Hope he has a really happy birthday!

  3. Dude...your is cake sick! Love the flames.

  4. Ha ha! I love when others get into the theme with me - thanks, Val!

  5. Absolutely love your cake! I would like to make the same for my son who is turning 5 beginning of June but how do you make the skateboard (so the ends stand up don't flop down so to speak?) sorry newbie here have not made a cake in my life. Thanks!

  6. Natasha, I use foam to help support my pieces while they are hardening up. I cut a wedge of foam for each end and rest whole thing on another flat piece of foam. I use gum paste for things that really need to hold their shape because it dries harder than fondant. And I let it harden for 2-3 days before adding fondant decorations and wheels. Happy caking!


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