Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cake Camp

I've thought about hosting "Cake Camp" for years... and it's finally happened! It is a great way to share two things I love - kids and cake decorating. Not that I have plans to do this on a large scale anytime soon, but I had a great time this summer with two creative former preschool students. Here's what went down when we teamed up.

Straight from the creative mind of my friend AB - a Hogwarts tiger (animagus?) at the beach.  She combined her favorite animal and her favorite vacation spot with her love for Harry Potter in a fun, interesting way.  Her tiger looked like he might have just apparated to this beach locale.

She had a great time making her tiger, tasting the scraps of fondant (oh, yeah!) and molding chocolate shells. 

Once the tiger cake was finished, we tackled a "cooking" project - making pizza! First, the raspberry marinara sauce.

Then a whole lot of toppings... fruit roll up pepperoni, fondant peppers, olives (AB's favorite) and mushrooms. But the best were the bits of "sausage" made of cake truffles. We combined cake crumbs with a bit of buttercream, and, voila, crumbled sausage. So tasty and surprisingly realistic!  A real pizza box was the finishing touch.

My next student was a little younger, but no less creative.  We tackled several cupcake projects - the aliens from Toy Story, Smurfette and a whole bunch of flowers.  Fondant flowers are the perfect thing for little hands.  They can be completely successful all by themselves.  Look at these beauties!

The aliens were really easy too - we used a variety of cutters in different shapes and before we knew it, we'd made aliens that looked pretty professional!

One of the best parts of making cupcakes is filling the centers with yummy flavors.  The little bites of cake that are scooped out of the center are delicious treats while you work.

And here are the finished cupcakes.  Pretty cute!

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