Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tinga Tinga Birthday Cake


Okay, all you PBS watchers... here's a cake based on the colorful children's show Tinga Tinga Tales.  I love the way the writers of this show incorporate traditional African folk tales with music and the gorgeous patterns and designs of tingatinga art from Tanzania.  This birthday treat was a 10" vanilla cake with oreos and cream filling.  All the animals were made of sugar.  Hopefully they captured the excitement of their TV counterparts.

Why do monkeys swing in the trees?

Why does hippo have no hair?

Why does lion RRROAR?

Why does elephant have a trunk?  Why does tortoise have a broken shell?
You'll just have to watch to find out!


  1. This cake is GORGEOUS! I have so many questions for you, but the main one is HOW? How do you take a picture of something and break it down to make the animals, the tree, the letters, every little part? How?! Do you have schooling/training as an artist? Where did you receive your training? Is it just practice and more practice? I need help and would be willing to do anything to be able to just do a fraction of the amazing work you do, just gorgeous! Any help would be greatly appreciated, I would fly to S.C just to take a class from you. =) Thank you for helping and sharing your amazing talent.

  2. Jennifer, I am blushing! Thank you for those kind words!! I love anything artistic and just play around with things until I get them the way I want them. No formal training, just lots of practice. And all my years of being a preschool teacher have given me lots of time to practice with fingerpaint and playdoh!



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