Saturday, June 25, 2011

School's Out...

(with apologies to Alice Cooper)

But, really, school IS out for one teacher who celebrated her retirement today at Winston's Grille in Raleigh. 

It was hard to choose which part of this creation was my favorite.  I was tickled with how realistic the edible eraser looked.  Does anyone else remember how thrilling it was to take the erasers out and clap the dust out of them for the teacher?

And I really liked the way the composition book looked.  I chopped up the pink sponge square that I use when I make gum paste flowers and used it to stamp the marbly design on the fondant book cover with food color paint.  So now I have to get a new sponge square, but it was totally worth it. 

Did you ever get in trouble for chewing on a pencil?  Well, these No. 2's are made for chewing!

I delivered this cake just before the party started and got a huge kick out of the reaction it got. Thanks for making me feel like a rock star, everyone.  Hope the party was lots of fun!


  1. This cake is awesome and I LOVE that composition book!!

  2. You bet I remember pounding those erasers as hard as I could so that Mrs Hettrick would have perfectly clean erasers the next day!! And Ms Johnston was always reprimanding kids who chewed their pencils. LOL Those were the days!! ;-D

  3. Thanks for posting that nice compliment, Jenniffer! And IlanoyGal, I'm glad to meet someone who remembers all those same things about school :)

  4. How did you make those little packets of paper on top of the cake.. those have me stumped..

  5. Wendy, the paper was made of gum paste about a week in advance so it had plenty of time to harden up. I braced them from behind with a lollipop stick stuck into the cake.

  6. Is the apple marzipan? Is the stem a clove? How did you make the eraser?

  7. Hello, neqouia! The apple was made of rice krispie treats covered in fondant and the leaves and stem are fondant too (although a clove would work just as well!) I made the eraser out of black fondant and dusted it with white powdered food color after it had hardened.


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