Sunday, May 15, 2011

This Cake Rocks!

One of my daughter's closest friends graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill last weekend with a degree in (you guessed it) Geology!  This cake was a surprise for her after the ceremony.  There's a chocolate cake with mocha buttercream under that big pile of rocks.  And, speaking of rocks, they are made of cake truffles covered in fondant.  I crumbled a whole chocolate cake and mixed it with buttercream to make "cake dough" that I used to mold into rock shapes... sooo yummy!  


  1. I came across your cake in looking for inspiration for a geology theme for my son's graduation (yep, he's a geology student too!). I appreciate your idea of the cake truffles wrapped in fondant! That's a great idea. Great looking cake!

  2. Thanks, Mary! The rocks were great tasting and a lot of fun to make. Congratulations to your son!


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