Friday, May 20, 2011

Hocus Pocus

Abracadabra!  Chocolate coins, edible card tricks and a rabbit in a hat... everything you need for a fun magic birthday party.  Two tiers of red velvet cake filled with yummy caramel buttercream.  This truly was a magic cake.  How do I know?  At the party, I heard that it performed a "vanishing act."  (tee hee)


  1. This cake is great! I just got a cake order for a magician themed party and this is exactly what they were asking for. How did you make the brim on the top hat? Is it fondant covered or buttercream?

  2. Hi, Michelle! The brim is gumpaste. I made it several days in advance and let it harden completely before putting it on the hat. Good luck with your cake!

  3. Michelle asked: Thanks Marj, I hope you don't mind a couple of more questions!! Is the top of the bunny's head also gum paste? Did you cut out some of the top tier to be able to place the bunny head? Also what are the sizes of the tiers? they look like 10" and 6" to me but sometimes its hard to tell from a pic. Is everything fondant covered or bc?

  4. Michelle, sorry I accidentally deleted your post instead of publishing it! I posted it above.

    To answer your questions: The bunny head is indeed a fondant/gum paste mixture. I just made a half sphere and added the ears and sat it on top of the top cake tier. You guessed correctly - the tiers were 6" and 10". The hat was covered in fondant because true black buttercream is really hard to make. I used buttercream for the blue on the bottom tier and smoothed it with a warm spatula to achieve the same smoothness as fondant.

    Happy caking! I'd love to see a picture of your creation when you are finished!!

    1. Hi, Marj, you mentioned that in order to get the buttercream as smooth looking as fondant you used a warm spatula, I was just wondering how you warmed it? And do you have any instructional tutorials to show people how you do your beautiful cakes by chance? Just looking for more instruction on this cake as well as your sea shell cakes? Thank you, gorgeous job!! Jennifer

  5. Hi, Jennifer!
    I keep a pan of simmering water next to my work space and dip my spatula in it to keep it warm. And I try to work quickly so the buttercream doesn't stick to the hot spatula... a turntable is your best friend for that job!

    I have never made a tutorial although I have thought about it... there just aren't enough hours in each day! Maybe one of these days when I retire I'll have time. Thanks for asking!

  6. Hi Marj,
    Your creations are beautiful! I am very inspired by this cake so want to try and make something similar. Please could you clear a few of my doubts.
    The brim of the hat is how many inches?
    What did you make the cards from... Gum paste of fondant?
    What is the size of the main big board?
    What material did you use to make the stars stand ... Wire or stick?

    Would be really delighted if you could let me know.

  7. Hello, ruchi! Thanks for your questions!

    The hat cake was 6" round and I think the brim was about 8.5-9". I made the center opening about 4" so that the cake underneath supported a good bit of it. The bottom cake was 10" round and the cake board was 14".

    The cards were made of gum paste... I made them several days in advance and let them harden up really well before putting them on the cake. The stars were gum paste as well and they were on very stiff wires.

    Good luck with your cake - Happy caking!

  8. One more thought, ruchi: I think the brim was about 1/4" thick and I let it harden for several days before using it. It was gum paste and it held it's shape really well! You could probably use a cardboard circle covered in fondant, but it would be a little thicker-looking.

  9. Marj, thank you for answering all my queries.... Just a few more please!
    Did you put any dowels on the 6" cake?
    How high were the 10" and the 6" cakes?
    The red strip on the 6" cake , is it fondant or ribbon?
    Thanks so much for your help.

  10. Marj,
    One more question please. Started making a similar cake.... Did you make the rabbit ears also from gum paste? Is The rabbit head fondant or gum paste?
    When did you insert the ears into the head... After it dried or earlier?
    Please please help.

  11. Hi, ruchi! The red ribbon was fondant (added over the black fondant on the 6" tier) and the rabbit ears were gumpaste. I inserted wires into them for stability and then let them harden. The rabbit's head was fondant and I put the ears in when the fondant was soft. I used a foam cake dummy to rest it on while it dried. The wires poked down into the foam and the whole piece was hardened into one when I put it on the cake. I only used dowels on the bottom tier. I'd love to see a picture of your cake when you are finished! Happy caking!


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