Monday, March 7, 2011

Seussical Sweets

If you have never read the Cake Wrecks blog, should subscribe right this very minute...  extremely creative writing and some crazy baked goods!  On Sundays, they post "Sunday Sweets," that is to say, cakes that are not a wreck.  And one of my cakes was on this week!  Here's the link to the post:

The post showed my Thing One and Thing Two birthday cake, still one of my favorites, along with a bunch of really great Seuss-themed cakes made by some really talented cake people.  I was thrilled to be included with them!  Check out the first birthday cake based on "Oh, the Places You'll Go."  I love that one!

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  1. Awesome job! I love how you made everything 3 dimensional but still have the classic "sketched" detail.


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