Tuesday, February 15, 2011

On top of spaghetti...

... all covered with cheese...

But wait!  This bowl of pasta is covered in white chocolate instead.  Mmmm!   And the raspberry buttercream "sauce" isn't anything to sneeze at... so no losing these poor meatballs!


  1. I love your raspberry buttercream idea--would you be willing to share the recipe? I usually make my spaghetti cake with strawberry jam for the sauce. What are your meatballs made of? I use a chocolate & cream cheese truffle. It's my only "specialty" cake--I'm so jealous of your immense talent! I just found your blog & I'm drooling! ;)

  2. Laura,
    Thanks for those kinds words! I use Ferraro Rocher chocolates for meatballs, but your homemade truffles sound really yummy! I use jam too - I just mix it with buttercream and a little extra red/orange food color to get it the right color and consistency of sauce. Thanks again and happy caking!


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