Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Bald Head Island Wedding

My cousin had a beautiful wedding on Bald Head Island at the beginning of October and asked me to make a cake to accompany a fun, beachfront lobster bake.  The result?  Lobster Love!

Since I had never been over to Bald Head on the ferry (the only way to get there!), I wasn't sure how to transport a cake.  The caterer baked and iced the cake for me and delivered it to the reception.  That left me the fun part - the decorating!  My family helped me carry carefully packed sugar lobsters, blue hydrangea and silver chocolate shells on the boat.  We got a few quizzical looks, but it all arrived safely and got onto the cake in time for a great party. 


  1. what a fun cake! Love the shells and lobster!

  2. Beautiful, I love, a wonderful "lobster as you did?

    A greeting from Spain


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