Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Big Apple Cupcake Party

These cupcakes were a special part of Gracie's NYC celebration.  She and her friends and sisters each created a little bit of the Big Apple to decorate their own pack of yummy treats.  I had a great time teaching these girls a few tricks of the trade!

We started with the basics and learned how to work with fondant and gum paste.

Making a Tiffany blue box is pretty easy...

... but it takes patience to make a gum paste bow.  No problem for these girls.  They were pros right from the start!

Hamming it up with a mini sugar Coney dog!

Making swirls of  buttercream... yum!

The finished products were just great!

Another fun cupcake party!


  1. Los niños son los que más se divierten haciendo cup cake.

    Y lo cierto es que les salieron muy bonitos.

    Un saludo desde España.

    Children are the most fun with cup cake.

    And the truth is that they came out very nice.

    Greetings from Spain.

  2. wow this post is almost a year old!
    i am a beginner using sugarcraft but wanted to make a new york themed cake for my sisters birthday as we are also surprising her with a trip :) i dont think i could manage something as detailed as yours (its beautiful by the way!)but i wonder if you could help me by telling me what the buildings are made of and how you get them to stand upright away from the cake to give that 3D effect??

  3. Nadia, Thanks so much for those kind words! I am sure your sister will LOVE that birthday surprise. What a great gift!

    I used gum paste to make the NYC skyline. It hardens up and keeps its shape better than fondant. I make the buildings several days in advance and let them dry until they are firm. I place the sugar pieces on a flat piece of foam to dry. I find that it works better than laying them on a tray or other non-porous surface. Once they are dry, I pipe the details on with royal icing. When I place them on the cake, I simply pipe a bit of buttercream on the back of each building and stand them up around the cake. Overlapping them creates that stand-out effect. I always make about twice as many buildings as I think I need so that I'll have enough to layer. Happy caking!


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