Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tumbling Monkeys

This cake was just the thing for a "little monkey's" birthday - part sweet and part monkey business!  I used the party invitations from as inspiration for the design... click here to see them.  The birthday girl didn't want any monkeying around with the cake flavors though - straight up vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream for this one.

I always like when folks "go ape" over their cakes.  I got this nice note from the birthday girl's mom after the party: 
"Really, the cake was amazing! So beautiful, I hated to cut it...but of course I did...and it was delicious!! People are still talking about it! I can't thank you enough."

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  1. i absolutely adore this cake!! i hope my lil girl's 1st birthday cake will look as good as this one...i call her my chunky monkey =D her birthday is nov. 25th! =] i can not wait!


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