Saturday, March 20, 2010

Is There a Doctor in the House?

Match Day is the day when medical school grads find out where they will do their residencies.  Definitely a day for celebration!  At the ceremony, each graduate gets an envelope with their placement inside.  This little pound cake was made as a surprise for a family party after a recent Match Day.  Armed with a food color marker, they checked off his assignment on the little sugar chart before slicing the cake.  Congratulations, Dr. Mike!


  1. How can I make this or buy this?

    1. I don't make cakes commercially, but you might be able to find a custom baker in your area who could make something like this. The decorations are all made of fondant and gum paste - both are just like edible playdoh. If you decide to tackle this yourself, I hope you have fun with it!


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