Monday, March 29, 2010

Cops and Robbers

Remember playing cops and robbers when we were kids? Sometimes we'd have half the neighborhood running through the yards chasing the "bad guys." This cake brought back memories of some really fun summer evenings.

This scruffy robber was my favorite character on the cake...

... but the birthday boy was partial to this policeman. He kinda looks like Barney Fife, don't you think?

The cake was vanilla with oreo filling and vanilla buttercream icing.   So good that it's almost illegal!


  1. ce torturi frumoase, te felicit, O zi minunata ITI doresc

  2. Amazing!! Did you use sugar paste for the police car?

  3. The police car was made of gum paste. I let it harden overnight so it would hold its shape.

  4. what a wonderful job! did you freehand all these images or were you able to find a source for them? Thanks!

  5. Thanks, Angela! I looked at a few clip art images to get the basic shapes for my pieces and then drew them out onto paper first. Once I had them the way I wanted them, I used the paper pieces as templates for the sugar pieces. Thanks for asking!


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