Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A 70th Birthday Scrapbook

An edible scrapbook to celebrate a 70th birthday... this cake is covered in family photos and things that represent the birthday boy.  Apparently he has one of the last Underwood typewriters still in use today!  He studied engineering when everyone used a slide rule to do calculations and he and his dog can be seen all over town in his big yellow truck. 

I got this really nice note from Jim's wife after the party:
Thank you for the wonderful, wonderful cake. It was the hit of the party, as I am sure all of your cakes are.  We had the party at my house because of the snow and everyone came anyway. It was a real fun day. We probably spent an hour reminiscing about the items on the cake. No one had ever seen anything like your work. You really caught the typewriter, truck with dog, and slide rule. All the men had to tell the young ones how much harder they had to work when they had these tools. Thanks again and again.

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