Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Picnic Cupcake Party

Q: What do you get when you combine cupcakes, buttercream, and college students?

My daughter and her friend celebrated their 21st birthdays together in sweet style with a cupcake party. I created four picnic-themed cupcakes as samples, set up a work station for each person and sat back to watch seven great UNC students get creative.

First, the sugar work... it's just like playing with playdoh, but it tastes a whole lot better!

They created sugar hot dogs (and one hamburger!), popsicles, slices of watermelon along with a variety of other fruits, and picnic blankets crawling with ants. There was even a can of coke and a few bumblebees buzzing around. Everyone put their own spin on the picnic theme.

I made a variety of cake flavors - chocolate, vanilla and carrot cake - and we filled the some of the cupcakes with peanut butter and raspberry buttercream. Peanut butter buttercream was definitely the biggest hit!

The final step was piping buttercream grass onto the cupcakes and placing the sugar creations on top.

The birthday girls loved their cupcake party! Everyone left with a box of yummy cupcakes to show off to their friends and enjoy the next day... Well, okay, these are college students. Maybe a few of the cupcakes lasted until the next day, but I bet most didn't even make it back to campus!


  1. I love these! How clever are you guys?

    Hope you don't mind I've featured them on my Beautiful cupcake gallery on my blog.

  2. Thanks! This party really was a lot of fun. I am so flattered that you included our cupcakes on your blog!


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