Wednesday, October 7, 2009

May The Force Be With You

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

It is a time for celebration. Birthday candles have been extinguished and the birthday boy has been victorious. The battle against the Galactic Empire will have to wait, cause now it's time to cut the cake!
Master Jedi Logan's cake is vanilla creme with raspberry filling. Dark blue and black buttercream icing is swirled together to create a very sweet deep space backdrop for the rest of the decorations - edible light sabers, birthday greetings on sugar parchment and a gum paste figure of the jedi knight himself.


  1. That is very cool, my four year old....and husband....would love it!

  2. I'm amazed. How in the world did you get the scroll to stand on the cake? How do you get your buttercream so smooth, especially around the top edge? I'd love to learn from you!!! *sigh* I'm several states away, however. ;0)

  3. Thanks, Lori! I attached three extra long lollipop sticks to the back of the scroll and then poked them down into the cake to hold it upright. Shish-kabob skewers work really well too. I attach them with a little royal icing and then cover them with gum paste that matches the piece so they aren't as obvious (even though they are on the back).

    All you need for make really smooth buttercream is a little patience, a pan of simmering water to keep your spatula hot, and a glass of wine when you are finished - ha ha! Seriously, it's not that bad! I have plans to make a tutorial showing my technique this summer... stay tuned! Thanks for asking!


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