Thursday, October 29, 2009

Creepy Cupcakes

I made about 4 dozen of these fun Halloween cupcakes for the teachers at my preschool this week. What is it about a cupcake that makes a grown-up turn into a little kid again? It must be the buttercream!

The Brain cupcakes were vanilla creme cake with raspberry filling and vanilla icing. I'm pretty sure that eating brains makes you smarter, so these must make you smarter and sweeter! The Witch Fingers were made of white chocolate and sitting on a yummy combination - Devil's Food cake with chocolate filling and mocha buttercream icing with oreo crumbs. (At least one teacher was reported to be in cupcake ecstacy after eating this treat - you know who you are!) The Eyeball cupcakes were carrot cake with caramel buttercream filling and vanilla icing. This is my personal favorite flavor combo and, judging by the way these cupcakes flew off the plate, I think others agreed.
Happy Halloween, y'all!

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