Sunday, August 30, 2009

Purse Cupcakes

Little sugar purses sitting on yummy cupcakes - what could be better? I made these to go with the Dream Cake for my daughter's birthday dinner. Each person got their own unique handbag - yes, even the guys! Cake flavors included Devil's Food chocolate with peanut butter filling and vanilla creme cake with caramel buttercream filling.

Here are some of my favorite designs...


  1. The little Vera Bradley bag is divine! (They all are!)

  2. Hello, I love these bags, I think, if you do not mind copiare your idea for my next celebration. But as these prints is blue bag is my favorite. This hand-painted bag once done?

    Thank you. A kiss

  3. Hello, Lourdes! Yes, the blue bag was hand-painted. You are very welcome to copy these designs. I am happy to share!


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