Saturday, July 4, 2009

Zoo Crew First Birthday Cakes

I used the party invitations as inspiration for these cakes. The zebra is the birthday girl's favorite animal - so she got her own zebra on her smash cake.


  1. i would like to know where can i find a place to bake a cake like this for my baby shower

  2. Where are you located? I might know of a bakery in your area.

  3. I would like to know how the characters were made. Im making this theme for my daughters first birthday.

  4. krystina, I shaped the animal figures by hand using a mixture of fondant and gumpaste. I made the basic figure first and then added the details once the main shape had hardened. There are a couple of places where I used a toothpick to support the sugar while it hardened... the heads and the elephant's ears, for example. Just think of fondant as sugar playdoh and have fun!


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