Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Castle Fit for a Princess

This cake castle was created for a very inclusive little girl - she wanted "all the princesses!" Her favorite princess, Jasmine, has a place of honor on an edible flying carpet in the clouds above the rest of the castle. Devil's Food cake with dark chocolate buttercream filling.


  1. This cake is awesome! I wish I had seen this before my daughter's birdthday this week!! Can you make cakes for kids with allergies - no egg and soy milk instead of cow milk?

  2. Thanks for that nice compliment!

    Our Blue Ribbon Pound Cake is definitely not made for someone with a casein allergy... it's made with butter. We've tried to alter the recipe, but it doesn't work out. We've had better luck with our other cakes and I can decorate cakes with fondant and non-milk icings, so your child can celebrate without a reaction!


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